Brick mansions Review (No Spoilers)

Summary of plot:
An undercover cop teams up with a criminal in order to take down a ruthless drug lord in "Brick Mansions"

NOTE: This film is an American version of "district 13" (has no resemblance to the film District 9. It is the same plot and even contains the same actor as the main character.

This film is meant to be a fast paced film, full of action and it does exactly that. If you look close enough you can compare this film with "The Raid: Redemption" as it has a similar premise but I wouldn't because it would lose.   

When you start watching this film you are mind blown by the stunts however this is a over casted by the disappointing camera effects. You are trying to enjoy some good free running action however the constant random slow motion shots make this impossible. Once or twice if fine because the stunts were cool and did deserve some emphasis but it just seemed that take down after takedown was in slow motion.

At times it did seemed like a film they would make a "scary movie" out of, there were parts which seemed parody like or just asking yourself "seriously?". From the trailer you can tell that this was not meant to be taken as a die hard action film with blood everywhere (like the raid: redemption) however the lack of it just made this film seem like a 12 (that is probably the first time I have ever said that about a film).  

Overall the film was not terrible, not terrible by any means. There were lots of faced paced scenes which made the film exiting but there is that loitering feeling of resentment due to he camera angles and parody likeness of the film.

Overall I Give Brick Mansions A 6.1 / 10 - I felt really let down.

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