Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

This is a guest post from a very talented blogger who I am lucky enough to call my friend. Below lie his thoughts on the film "Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules" which actually makes me want to watch the film; So please read the article and don't be scared to share your thoughts in the comments below. Also check his blog out, you will not regret it!

I am of the view that movies should provide family entertainment, everything we do is just so within ourselves. We read, listen and watch alone. There should be a family aspect to entertainment and this movie is just about right when it comes to this.

The movie is simple and I guess that’s why it has a nominal rating of 6.6 at IMDb, no fancy heroines or muscly dudes. Simple is actually better once in a while. Frank and Susan Heffley have three sons, the eldest Rodrick, followed by Greg and Manny. Manny’s a toddler, Greg’s in middle school and Rodrick’s a high schooler. Susan pampers Manny very much and both the parents are irked by Rodrick’s eccentric obsessions. Aside from his obsession with drumming (he’s a little good at it, I admit) and makeup, he’s a typical teenager. He seemed a little queer to me because of the eyeliner, plucked eyebrows and some other makeup which I can’t name (not an expert on it sadly), but that’s not at all discussed during the movie.

Frank and Susan Heffley with little Manny, have left on a 2 week vacation hoping that Greg and Rodrick settle for a truce. Rodrick texts all his peers for a party and locks Greg in the basement, a middle schooler would ruin his party. Greg soon calls his best friend, Rowley Jefferson hoping for a bail out, but he too is locked in with him. He soon comes up with a plan and threatens to call their mom if he isn’t let out. Greg and Rowley are excited at witnessing their first high school party. They are all hung over when the call comes in. Their parents are returning in an hour because little Manny’s ill. The brothers team up, fix the house and lie to their parents together. They become “friends” and enjoy working together for once. What follows is Greg trying to make headlines at school and more importantly, impress the pretty Holly Hills. Rodrick helps him with his arsenal of tricks, but they’re as good as he is.

I was watching the movie with my siblings and even my mom hung around for a few scenes. It’s a comedy-cum-family movie and I laughed quite a few times. I felt embarrassed too, it’s hard to watch brotherly stuff with my brothers. What I liked about it is that it’s funny without any vulgar jokes and kind of rekindles some family feelings. The IMDB rating is a little too low I think, I’d definitely recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Make some popcorn and watch this movie with your parents or siblings. You’ll definitely like it!

Oh, and the fake vomit prank that Greg and Rodrick play on people is really worth watching! I was bursting with laughter by the time Coach Malone was chasing them!

I’m writing this for my wonderful friend here and I’d like to say “No spoilers” like he does every time, except that this movie doesn’t have any! Happy watching!

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  1. Never watched this film series. Always wanted to though, has Rachael Harris. SHES THE BEST!!!

  2. This movie was awesome, I've watched it twice xD