Hercules Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
The story follows the son of Zeus as he travels through Greece earning money as a mercenary.

In all honesty I did not really want to see this film, the trailer didn't really do it for me but it was Orange Wednesday so I thought why not.
Much to my surprise the film was actually quiet interesting at first however the emphasis stays with "at first".
I don't want to constantly sound negative but Dwayne Johnson is known as being bald so sticking a wig on him just made it seem ridiculous. I understand the whole need to make him fit into the myth but it just looked like a sweaty tranny on steroids.

One thing which did actually shock me was the films 12A age rating. I am not moaning about it should have been higher because in all honestly it was fine, a bit of blood wouldn't have hurt but that's personal preference. The age rating shocked me because of the amount of swearing and sexual references in it. The fighting was a bit harsh too with some disturbing scenes of the fall out but the two above really got me thinking about why it is not a 15. If I was a farther I would definitely feel quiet embraced taking my children too see that film because anyone under the age of 12 should not have been exposed to that level of adult content.   


With every modern film we can expect a few clichés because the films it have made everything a cliché but... it was like cliché central. Usually this does not bother me however when a film becomes as predictable as this it really gets on  my nerves.
As you know I do not like being completely negative so I am going to focus on some positives about the film. Credit where it is due, Dwayne Johnson was considerably injured through out the film but he hid it considerably well. Also the set was well designed; taking a look at back stage interviews you will be surprised how much of it was not actually CGI. I did like the whole feel of the set, it was very inviting. Kind of like Thor meets the flinstones.

So overall. Entering the cinema I had very low expectations. As the film started my expectations were raised a bit, but then they fell. Honestly, the acting was good and the action was alright for a 12A but the film just didn't interest me at all.

Overall I Give Hercules a fair 7.1 / 10. Kind of being generous but it wasn't as bad as I first thought (but it kind of was).

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