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To be completely honest with you guys (and girls) I struggled writing this post. Not because of the topic but because this was originally meant to be a disappointing review about "the man of tai chi" but it is not what you think. I originally watched the films thinking it was all in English but it turned out not to be and I was extremely disappointed because of the lack of subtitles. Turns out that the potion for subtitles was right in front of my the whole time but I haven't bogged in a while so until this review is released, this will have to tidy you over.

Now back to the topic of Movie Posters.
Movie posters are great, in my opinion they are the extremely under rated and can in fact ruin a films reputation before it has been released. When you hear of a film that you cannot wait too see you just want the trailer to be released however often or not, a movie poster will be released first. To fans every where this movie poster is a window into the film, an essence of awesomeness if you may.
As you may have guessed this post is loosely related to the release of many posters at comi con 2014. Unfortunately I live not the complete other side of the globe to San Fransisco so I could not attend but I do have the internet so it feels like I was there. 
Being a fan of movie posters I thought I would share with you my simple advice for creating a good movie poster.
Not Revealing Too Much
This is especially crucial when introducing new characters for example with the guardians of the galaxy. You want to tease the audience to the extend where it is questioned. Who is this? Why is that person doing what they are doing?

Keep Things Simple
Sometimes less is more and with movie posters this cannot applies even more. As linked to the point above, less means there are more questions asked. Look at the gravity movie poster below, it teases drifting off into space but doesn't tell you why the person is there or what caused them to be drifting into space. It shows exactly what the film is about without any spoilers.

Lay Off The Effects
Using the example of the amazing spiderman 2 poster below I think we can all see what I mean. I get the fact that electro is electric but this just looks like something a kid produced on photoshop (not to be too judgy).  The lightning interferes with the text and it all just doesn't make sense, plus it looks like they are about to kiss.

I know it seems like nothing but that is my advice, plane and simple. Always taking computer design orientated subjects I have learnt not to flood the page with text or effects which take the attention away from the main picture.   

This is one that I remember seeing on a billboard.
Good thing I wasn't driving (distracting)

So readers, what are your favourite movie posters? Do you think they are over rated? Do you even care about them at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

PS- Again, apologies if this post sucked but hey ho.

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