The Other Woman Review (No Spoilers)

Summary of plot
After discovering that her boyfriend is in fact married, Carly teams up with the wife to sabotage the boyfriend however are not prepared for what they discover.

After hearing about this film I was pretty exited mostly due to the cast (Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton!) however could not help feeling like this film was a copy of another. The plot is extremely similar to a film called "John Tucker Must Die", alright this is a much more mature film however the basic premise and some of the stuff they done in the film was a carbon copy. When this happens it is risky however ultimately more disappointing when the more recent film is not as good.

I am afraid to say that this film was (excuse my slang) a flop. Don't get me wrong, the characters were fun (especially Niki Minaj's character) and so was the dog but it cannot make up for a film that dragged on with predictable twists.

Best scene in the film

I was really let down by this film, it had such great promise but dramatically failed to deliver. It had its moments but again it could not make up for the whole film. It pains me to not like a film with Cameron Diaz in it but I cant force myself.

Overall I Give The Other Woman a 5.8 / 10 - John Tucker Must Die is the much better option for a chick flick like this (so I have been told...)

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