The Raid 2: Retaliation Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
Following the events of the first raid, Rama must go undercover to bring down corruption in the police force.

IMPORTANT: This film takes place literally minutes after the first film so if you didn't quiet get the first film I am afraid you will need to re watch it.

When you are watching this film the thoughts racing through everyone's heads will be "This is insane". the combination of mind-blowing action / fighting combined with final destination type deaths is just insane.

One thing which does differ compared to the first film is that there is a lot more talking. Now I can appreciate the need for this because it is completely different to the first and there wasn't really much room for conversation in the first film however it just seemed like a lot (especially if you are watching the subtitled version not the dubbed). This did drag the film on to a two and a half hour run time.

There isn't really much else to say about the film without spoiling it. There are a few unexpected twists and even characters from the first film making appearances. The favourite sound effect for this film must be the braking of bones, it is safe to say that if I ever hear someone break a bone I will think of The Raid franchise.

Overall I give The Raid 2 a 8.9 / 10 - Great film, completely different from the first.

PS - Hammer Girl was my favourite character

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