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Hello guys and girls, this is the first ever guest post (hopefully not the last). This sounds like a fascinating film about a key historical event in Ireland so please read this and don't be scared to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Award-Winning Filmmaker Kevin McCann to Produce the First Film about the Easter Rising in Ireland

Excitement building around epic motion picture that will depict events around the rebellion to end British Imperial Rule in 1916

(DUBLIN, Ireland)— Momentum is growing behind The Rising, a full-length feature film that will detail the events leading up to and surrounding the Easter Rising of 1916. It is slated for a 2016 release to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of the rebellion, filmmaker Kevin McCann said today.  The Easter Rising of 1916 is viewed as the most pivotal event in modern Irish History—very similar to what the American Revolution is to the United States.  The Easter Rising led to the creation of an Irish Free State, which became what is now the Republic of Ireland.

Remarkably, the events of the Easter Rising have never been the subject of a movie – until now.  McCann’s Irish production company, Maccana Teoranta, is producing a film telling the story of the insurrection and one of the leaders of the movement, Sean MacDermott.  Though he is not well known as Patrick Pearse or James Connolly, MacDermott was among the first to sign the Irish Proclamation of 1916.  The Rising will examine what the revolution meant to him and other men and women whose names now mark the streets in Dublin where they fought against British rule.

McCann has been in extensive talks over the past six months and has secured a six-figure budget for development.  The Rising has the support of Northern Ireland Screen—the film board in Belfast. Thanks to McCann’s vision, additional support has come from prominent organizations and individuals within Ireland as well as the United States.  

McCann is a graduate of the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs producer program, and has run the production of the company Maccana Teoranta since 2005.  He has made documentary and drama programs for radio, television and screen. McCann believes that the story of The Rising is as relevant today as it has ever been. He is seeking support from the global Irish community, both in terms of investment and participation, in order to bring the story to a new audience:

“The development of this film will provide the people with a chance to help bring this watershed moment in Irish history to the big screen.  The compelling tale of how men and women fought for independence deserves to be told, and there is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of telling it.  Whether by investing in the production or by taking part in the film, as in 1916, we need Irish men and women to join in as I put my shoulder to the wheel and make this vision a reality.  With the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising approaching there is a groundswell of interest in the story of how a group of men and women banded together to transform the future of their homeland.  This is not just an Irish story, it is a human story about fighting for freedom from oppression.  I urge everyone in the Irish-American community to support this project.  Please connect with us through the social media links at and help me bring this exciting story to life.”

Filming on the $6 million production will take place in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2015. 

For more information about The Rising, and a full list of social media links, please visit or follow the film on Twitter with @1916film.  

Maccana Teoranta is an award-winning Irish production company specializing in drama, documentaries, and comedy for radio, television, and film.  Productions include Prison Door (2014), Volkswagen Joe (2013), and The Boys of St. Columbs (2009).  Lauded as a talented Irish filmmaker by his peers, Kevin McCann has dedicated his career to the production of film with a definite Irish identity with an emphasis on human struggle.  However, that is not to say that McCann is not capable of making films that have romantic storylines.  His first film Testing Time, Teddy Boy centered on a struggling Irish man and his dog who experiences a reversal of fortunes to gain an appreciation of life, and of course, love.  Last year, the film Volkswagen Joe was shown at film festivals worldwide, winning awards in Boston, Chicago, Rome, and most recently earning recognition at the Celtic Media Awards.  McCann has been careful to accurately portray contemporary Ireland, as seen in the BBC/RTE documentary The Boys of St. Columb’s.  For more information please visit 


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