Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review (No Spoilers)

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Summary Of Plot:
After ruthlessly being hunted by the government, the autobots must once again stand to defend the Earth from an alien attack.

I will start of by saying that this is a typical transformers film directed by Michael Bay. There are countless explosions happening everywhere even when there is no clear cause and cast (including alien) wondering off screen and only appearing when they are needed. Nothing against this film, I mean all of the explosions were great and all however by the fourth film you would have expected some development.

One thing which  I felt held this film back was that they were trying to do so much all in one film. You would have thought that a 2 hour 37 minute run time was plenty to space everything out however it just felt a bit crammed. For example constantly changing location and time of day without any indication to the audience. It felt like there were two films being crammed into one.

My final point is about its disorganisation. This is partly to blame for the cramming of so much in one film however one thing that got to me was that one character (not saying the name for spoilers reasons) really sounded like Opimus Prime. This probably bugged me much more then it should however I am just saying that it is noticeable.
On the topic of characters there seemed to be an excess of them, many who seemed to be vital to the plot just turned around and walked off, just didn't make any sense.

Overall this was not the transformers film that all of the hype made it out to be. Don't get me wrong, if you just want to go for countless action then this is the film for you however once you think about it, is actually a pretty poor film compares to the others in the franchise. There was too much trying to be crammed into one film, a lot of random characters and a pretty appalling ending (which made no sense).

Overall I Give Transformers: Age Of Extinction A 7.9 / 10. (I Expected Better)

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