Why are so many films baised on the end of the world / living in colonies? (Rant)

Looking at recent films I have noticed a huge correlation and I think its abut time that I share this with you. This is that the world will not be able to function due to overpopulation / lack of resources meaning human life as we know it will never be the same. Of course there is always someone who wants to rip this down.

There are many films like this such as the hunger games (which started the trend), snowpiercer, the giver and even divergent. There is no questioning that these are unique in their own specific ways however the similarities just ruin them for me. I just end up comparing them to each other for the worse.
For example snowpiercer looks like an extremely bad parody of the Hunger games however using a train. The train carriages represent the districts and the rebellion of the back carriages represents the rebellion of the districts (no spoilers intended).
The reasoning behind the increase in these films are that they "represent" our actual future due to the planet theoretically over population. If this was true then there would be wars and theft meaning that colonization would be the only way to sustain life (hence these films). It is like when the film 2012 was released, that was a film based on a theory).
I am not going to be completely negative in this rant. When this idea was new (the hunger games) I was willing to accept it and really exited to go and watch it however now, not so much. It is like when there is a new fizzy drink released, you are exited to try it, you may love it and want more however when you do you realise its the same as the rest and indeed not good for you. Obviously the film wont cause a series of diseases however they just all get repetitive.
In conclusion I think its time for a new trend. My prediction is super hero films. These take mass amount of time to film thanks to the effects however in the coming years we will get loads of them for example X-men: Apocalypse, Avengers 2, Batman vs Superman and even the flash TV series.

One NOTE: As bad as this who colonization system is it seems to work. Once Jenifer Lawrence / Chris Event / Shailine Woodly tear this whole system down, wont the world go back to the way it was before with wars ect... There will be no system in place to ensure survival. so... they didn't think that through did they?
I am interested, what do you guys think? Do you agree with me? what do you want the new trend to be? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe.

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