21 And Over Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot
Jeff Chang is a medical student who has his heart set on becoming a doctor. The day before an interview to describe his fate in the doctors practice however is his 21st which means his friends are taking him out for a night of drinking, what can go wrong (obviously a lot! have you not seen the hangover!?).

From the trailer this film looked pretty funny and promised a great cast. I am not saying this film was neither of those however I am warning you to not watch this film with family around you... if only someone gave me this warning. It doesn't take long for the offensive swearing to start however it takes equally as long for the nudity to start.

This film started off very promising, it was funny and offensive so exactly what we expected. After a while however it just tended to drag on but then it got better but then worse but then just plain creepy. It was a Roller coaster of laughs and the urge to turn the film off but mainly it just dragged on.

I was actually excited to watch 21 and over, rumour had it that it was a younger hangover however it didn't really live up to the expectations at all, actually no where near the expectations. The jokes were funny and frequent however they could not shake the feeling that this film as really long when in fact it was only 93 minutes.

Overall I Give 21 And Over A  6.3 / 10.

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