Abduction Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
After discovering that his family have been lying to him all his life, Nathan sets out to discover the truth behind his parents.

The thing that enticed me to watch this film was the plot, no matter what you think of the film there was no denying that the plot was excellent.

There was one problem with this film thought, it did not feel like an action film which is what it was meant to be. The target audience for an action film is usually men and some women however this felt like it was just women. This was really apparent in the action because it just felt filtered, even for a 12A it felt filtered. Also looking at the main character who was Taylor Lautner, I am trying to say this nicely. He should not really be anywhere near an action film.

Sigourney Weaver on the other hand (who is my favourite actress and deserved more screen time) was expertly casted, well I was just glad to see her.

Overall I give Abduction a 4..2 / 10. A great plot but was weakly directed, could have been much better.

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