Guardians Of The Galaxy Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
Five unlikely heroes must team up and form "the guardians of the galaxy" to stop the evil villain Ronan from destroying the galaxy.

From the trailer and reading a few of the comics as a kid I was really excited about this film but some people were not; they just assumed it would be a bit too sci fi but in all honesty you don't even notice it. You are greeted by stunning visuals (good job marvel) but they don't let this interfere with the film.
Marvel are renounced for having a post credit scene but often or not it is forgotten about, just a small introduction to a new character that doesn't really mean anything. What they done in this film which I particularly enjoyed was that it all fitted into this. Before you go and see this film I would highly suggest re watching the Thor 2 and Avengers post credit scene because they are particularly relevant.

Apart from the Oddly coloured people which made me think that electro from The Amazing Spider Man 2 had a cameo, the film was very present. It didn't feel like when you are watching the first half an hour of the first Thor film when you are in Azgard but it felt light years away. It was all held together well and actually believable.

One thing that I have noticed which Hercules had the same issue was is with the volume of swearing in the film. It is a 12A film but it just felt like there was too much swearing. I don't see the need to put this in, it was all for comical purposes but just felt really unnecessary. People are moaning about how rude this generation are but with content like this available it is no shock to me that they are turning out like this.

Overall I really enjoyed the film. It was the perfect length of time, action packed and included some great new characters. Part of me wants to say that they tried to focus on the comedy a bit too much but it was all good.

Overall I Give Guardians Of The Galaxy an 8.7 / 10. Great film.

PS - I have never really taken notice of is the marvel intro with the flip effect of comics. I have no idea why but today it just stood out to me how good it is.

Also a sequel has been confirmed.

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