Issues Faced When Making A Comic Into A Film

Hearing plans about a new film can be exited however hearing plans about a comic based film can be a completely different story.

Comics that are turned into films tend to be super hero orientated which leads to may issues surrounding the character. An example of this is the costume. Now i'll give it to the costume departments credit, they have done a pretty good job keeping comic originality for example with Ironman however times change. Changing time eras could not be more present then with Batman, although slight, his costume have experienced many alteration through  the different adaptions. The colours, logo and even Chrome nipples have been changed to this dark night. However this is not the most dramatic of changes in the DC universe - Superman. After 36 years (first film was released in 1978) he has finally learnt where underwear are meant to be worn - Thanks Zac Snyder.

Costumes are forgivable, what isn't thought is when they adjust the origin story. Fortunately we have not had too much of this, there is some controversy about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles however we do not know this for certain (It just looks like they are changing it from the trailer). There was the concern about the original Spiderman trilogy because according to the comic, spiderman shouldn't have been able to naturally shoot webs as displayed however this was rectified through the remake (which is more comic orientated. It was originally stated that the first trilogy was not meant to be exactly like the comics but unfortunately it did not stop the complaints - Well done The Amazing Spiderman films.

For me a major crime committed is when they "mistakenly" leave out superheroes powers. Its sometimes acceptable with superman because they don't want to make him "too" indestructible. Others however are not as fortunate to have a plethora of abilities such as Rogue from X-men, in the films she is more of a liability then a hero because she cannot fly or kick ass like she does in the comics,

It seems that us, the public / film reviewers are to blame for all of this criticism however directors also do this. It is like a football (or "Soccer") manager watching other teams play in order to see the other managers management ability. Directors will often think they have a better interpretation of how it the character is portrayed (or how the match should be played). Examples of this are the fantastic four (which lets be honest, needed a revamp) and the incredible Hulk (three times!).

Films directly related to comics are also troublesome. First of all when the film contains alterations an uproar occurs (for example with X-men: Days Of Future Past).
Also, obvious or not the comics will contain spoilers. This is not normally an issue because I like to know what happens before I see the film (i'm a control freak like that) but others don't. This means there will be the threat of friends spoiling your most anticipated film.

In conclusion you will not be to please everybody; whether it is from the characters chosen (Usually an issue with films such as X-men) to the actors / actresses playing them. You will have the original comic fans running riot if the film does not live up to their expectations and you will have the other fans fighting for the film. I mean look at Halle Berry's Catwoman, the comic fans detested it but other fans loved it. There will always be "haters" so my advice is just make more super hero films for me to review.

Happy Reading :)

PS - I liked Halle Barry's Catwoman.


  1. I haven't tried comics, I'm a manga reader ;)

    1. I'm kind of the opposite. I don't really read much unless it's s notbkmgeducational but I love comics. As a kid nothing better than reading a good comic