My Comments On Camp X-Ray Trailer

There has been an unusual amount of hype about the "camp X-ray" trailer, this volume of hype usually occurs for big films such as X-men: Days Of Future Past so it made sense for me to check it out.

In my experience films about prisons / government conspiracies can go either way. They can either be extremely good and plot full or kind of boring / a drag.
This film has also casted Kristen Stewart, it has been said that her performance in this film is "breath-taking" however her reputation of acting ability is the complete opposite. I have only seen Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room" and "Jumper" - she wasn't so bad in those films and was pretty impressive in "Panic Room" so I am keeping an open mind.

Her character is or starts off being a "hard ass", this may appear to be an easy character to get into and doesn't require much acting however this is completely wrong. It is like when Scarlet Johansson was casted as Black Widow in the marvel films, people were not sure if she could get into the serious action role however thankfully she did. Hopefully this will happen in this film.  

What makes me not sure about this film is that the main character defies the rules and ends up forming a friendship with a prisoner - because that hasn't happened before (Thor).

From first glance this film doesn't look so bad, it may not be some peoples cut of tea but they just wont watch it. The film looks alright but there is still time for my opinion to be swayed.

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