Sharknado Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
A freak tornado in the ocean sweeps up all of the sharks and rains hell upon the citizens of Los Angeles.

From the title / plot we would all assume that this would not be a very serious film and to be honest it wasn't. We would also assume that it would be almost a parody film but to be honest it wasn't. Ever since this films plans were released people almost instantly looked down at it and wondered what the point was of making it because it would be "just so very bad".


To be completely honest it wasn't. I know this may sound surprising and by no means am I suggesting it is the action blockbuster of the year but I think that this film received way to much negative press. Some people may find the plot hard to swallow but that is their right to; other open minded people can actually see past that. I cant believe I an saying this but I actually kind of enjoyed this film, almost like a guilty pleasure.  
The acting wasn't great - some were better then others. Once you look past that the effects were kind of good, the Syfy channel made this film so it would have ben pretty bad if they weren't.
I don't actually know watch caused me to watch this film but I am not disappointed. It was not too long and it had action, not great action but it was there. I have to give it to Sharknado, there was more action then there was in the amazing spiderman 2 (still very disappointed at that film).

It was not terrible so I give Sharknado a 5.5 / 10 - You just have to watch it.

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