The Expendables 3 Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:Barney is in the market for a new ream to take down an old frenemy who is meant to be dead (Frenemy is the appropriate term).

An expendables film - Mindless shooting, plotless scenes and disappointing action. That is what it means to me at least. This time however, they have changed the rules. There was a plot and it was pretty good, the action also felt much improved. Less CGI and more hand to hand combat. Its just a shame the other two films did not share this trait.

Being mislead by film news and the "one last ride" in the trailer, we all thought this was the final Expendables film. This saddened me because it has been such a big franchise however it is a lie! There is in fact going to be a fourth Expendables film meaning that this review will not be a sloppy memorial to the franchise.

Trying to keep this spoiler free I can reveal that the overly used camera angle of "fake it before you make it" is present. To be honest I am getting sick of this shot, obviously they are not going to kill the main characters in the first few minutes so it just angers me.

I know I have already mentioned the mindless shooting but it seems that they shot a lot of innocent people. As this is an action film nothing happened but really they should get arrested for war crimes / murder.

Also, the ever present coincidences are still there. What is an action film without its coincidences you may ask but it was on par with The Avengers. We go to see the characters use their heads and fight to win, not for them to find this magical weapon on the floor which will help drag them to victory. It was just one more factor which frustrated me about this franchise.  

Moving away from the 3/4 of the film which can only be describes as pitiful, we are left with the last 1/4 of the film. What a last 1/4 of a film. Shocking to some, it was actually really good. for about 30 minutes we were treated to non-stop action which is what we expect from an Expendables film. If my review was based on the last 1/4 then it would surely get a 10/10.

For this Expendables they have broken the rules further. There are a lot of new cast however amounts these was a women who resembled Jennifer Lawrence. Honestly Ronda Rowsey was one of the best characters and it is no surprise that she has been casted for the fast and furious 7 film, I cant wait to see her kick ass in that. Apart from a misleading trailer and a terrible majority of film I really enjoyed the third instalment.

Overall I Give The Expendables 3 A Strong 7.9 / 10.

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