Why Aren't More Games Made Into Films?

Being a film fanatic means that I constantly have film orientated thoughts (yes... that does sound "sad"). However also being a bit of a "gamer" I also have game orientated thoughts, when these two thoughts collide it can be messy leading to my latest revelation that certain game plots would be great on the big screen.

Obviously I am not talking about all games because quiet frankly some would make dreadful films - that is aimed at you Super Mario bros film.

In all seriousness some games would be really good for example "Infamous" or "Crysis". These are mainly sci-fi games but hey, it's genre is sorted. There will be the huge issue that we know how it will end but there are ways around it. Its not too dissimilar to comic films, the directors will slightly alter the story to keep things different.

Some companies have already taken up this idea such as "Need For Speed"  which was great. We can also look forward to an "Assassins Creed" film staring Michael Fassbender.
Companies have also adapted the concept of making a TV series such as "Halo". Gotham has also done this but Batman was already on the big screen. To be honest I am "cool" with this idea.
There are loads of films made into games such as The Amazing Spiderman so why not the other way round?  

In the comments below let us know what games you would like to see on the big screen.

Happy Reading :)

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