Alien VS Predator Segment

Just posting film reviews, rants and news can get a bit repetitive and frankly quiet boring. As you can tell by the amount of times I have changed the layout I tend to get bored easily so I am going to try something new; a segment if you want to put a name to it.

I am going to do an Alien VS predator segment which involves me watching / re-watching all of the films involved and reviewing them, then saying which franchise I think is better and ultimately which alien is better.  Exciting! It is what the name suggests - Alien VS Predator.
All of the films involved will be labelled AlienVSPredator so it is accessible under labels - Easy right?   

The films involved are:

Alien 3
Alien Resurrection
Predator 2
Predator 3
Alien VS Predator
Alien VS Predator - Requiem

This should start soon, am half way through the list so watch out for it.

Happy Reading :)

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