Avengers calling it quits with a two part film? (Rumors)

All over a magical place called the internet there is a rumour being spread that the next Avengers film will be split into a two parts similar to the harry potter franchise.
Some may say this is exciting, especially because when a franchise splits the story across of two film the release dates are not that far apart which eliminates the current four year wait time between marvel films.
Me for one will be in the less excited category and here's why.
At first glance you would think that this would be something new - a massive change for how Marvel currently carry out their films however will it? Yes? No? Humour me, think back to films such as Thor 1 and The Avengers. They both included the villain Loki and the Teseract so why did they not do this as a two part Thor? I understand why they didn't but I am trying to show you that most of these films are already linked so much that having a two part film would not be so different from what they currently do.

My second and much more plausible reason for being less excited is that when this happens will there be no more avengers?  
Every film franchise that has used the two part system have used it on their last films of the Franchise, if Marvel continue this trend then that would mean no more Avengers films. With Marvel stating that the are going to introduce more characters I personally do not think splitting the films will be the best move. If this does happen then they will end up with a Batman vs Superman like film when they are randomly adding Wonder Woman. Obviously this is speculation because that film is not released yet but its an educated guess.
If this does go ahead then there is a chance of another Iron man 2 happening which was just pitiful the way Black Widow and Nick Furry were introduced - a mistake which I hope marvel has learnt from.

There is speculation that with the two part film comes a special never expected story line such as other universes joining forces like the X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy. If this happened then the Guardians of the galaxy would be much more likely as it will lack the company cross over issues.
Tell us what you think in the comments below, would you want marvel to have a two part film? What would you think Marvel would do with this two part film? What Marvel comic characters would you like to see on the big screen?

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