FF7 New Stills

Fast and Furious 7 have released stills from the upcoming film, what triggered this release was the preview of the official trailer to all of the stars.
There are no spoilers or at least hints which create hype for the next instalment but its just nice to see they are still thinking of their fans - by showing presence.

To be fair its a waiting game now, they have successfully CGIed (if that's the correct term) Paul Walkers face onto his body doubles which couldn't have been avoided.
All that's left is to count down until the official trailer release and inevitably wait until the 2015 release date - Can't wait :)
I just hope they don't ruin the film's thrilling reputation, the cast for FF7 includes many great characters from the third such as Neela so all that is possible to "flop" is the plot which I hope it doesn't.              
Honestly this film has a lot riding on it because of the franchises previous success and it being kind of a memorial to Paul Walker so it has to be good.   

These stills are all over Google and from the sounds of it there are more coming which I will try my best to keep you updated about. Also don't be fooled by the fake trailers, I watched one today which was footage from "last stand" with Arnold Swatzerniga remixed - I wasn't best pleased with that.

Happy Reading :)

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