Maleficent Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot:
A horrific act by a human leads to Maleficent plummeting her life and the land surrounding her into darkness. Seeking vengeance Maleficent puts a course on Aurora but is this the biggest mistake she has ever done?

Being a twist on a fairy tale Maleficent seemed like an interesting concept. This has been attempted before with other films for example "Robin hood" and "A Cinderella story" which were very different to the original practically only sharing the name and some characters.  
Fortunately Maleficent is an example how adding a twist to children's story can really pay off. What makes this different from the other fairy tale films is that it keeps the magic and fairies by incorporating them into the story (very well).

I really enjoyed the contrast of colours in this film, you will notice the two sides (no spoilers) and the colour clashes are a treat on the eye. Especially when watching it in the cinema.
The colours used gave the film a mortal instruments / I,Frankenstein feel which fitted well. Not necessarily a gothic horror type, it is bright enough to keep the kids at awe.

Watching this film you really do notice what a great actress Angelina Jolie is. I have read reviews of her other films and people constantly "hate" on her acting ability but in Maleficent you really see how diverse of an actress she really is.

To be honest this film has everything going for it. It has a love to hate main character who would make a great X-men character. The CGI is brilliant and it has a guest appearance from grot!...ish (guardians of the galaxy).

I was particularly impressed by this film - Overall I Give Maleficent a 7.9 / 10.

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