New Deadpool OFFICIAL Footage

A few years back there was a misleading "trailer" for the rumoured deadpool film which to the trained eye (like mine) could clearly see that it was a featurette from the X-men: Last stand. Others however did not realise and their hopes were shattered the day they found out that their favourite hero / villain / anti-hero's film was not in development.

It has been rumoured for years that there is going to be a deadpool film but there was not really anything solid. Now! Finally! There has been a teaser released or as Fox have said... "leaked"... obviously a publicity stunt like when the flash episode 1 was "leaked" but I am not complaining.

From the look of the footage I cannot wait for the film. The footage has that clean violence similar to that in the dark night trilogy. There doesn't appear to be any blood but that doesn't stop the violence from being present so its decent.
Obviously there will be a slight continuity issue as they mutilated deadpool in X-men: Last stand but we have learnt to ignore the X-men franchise continuity issues.

There is only one worry for this film which is if they make it a 12a, I absolutely despise it when films that should have a higher rating but are rated lower to increase revenue. It just leads to a filtered film similar to abduction .
The clean violence worries me because there was no blood which could be because they are catering to their 12A audience. 


Credits to the uploader HDtrailers for making this footage viewable.

Check out the clip and comment below what you think, are you excited for this film finally being produced? would you prefer deadpool to be a hero or a villain?
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