New Jupiter Ascending Trailer With Comments

Jupiter Ascending has been a film that I have wanted to watch since the first trailer was released. When the film was first announced I couldn't wait - it looked like a space adventure with loads of destruction.
Now though I cannot help but feel a bit withdrawn from watching this film. The first trailer was released a few months back as they all are but it suffered the same fate as say "The Other Women"  - There has already been a film with the same theme. In the case of "the other women" it was John tucker must die. They tried to be different but the stories were practically the same.
With Jupiter Ascending it was the whole space action take over, sound familiar?

If you haven't guessed by now I am talking about "Guardians Of The Galaxy". I can't help but sympathise for Jupiter Ascending because it has a great cast and looks brilliant but I fear that people will compare it to guardians of the galaxy which was very hard to fault. Its kind of gutting because if the Jupiter Ascending release date was not pushed back then the tables could be turned.  

There is no doubt that this film looks great and with the film industry being as competitive as it is today it is expected to hold its own; its just when I am that excited about a film I really want it to succeed.

Follow the link below and watch the trailer (some integration issues)

Tell us what you think in the comments bellow - will this film forever be compared to guardians of the galaxy? were you even aware that this film existed?

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