No More Xenomorphs?!

After watching this clip by one of my favourite YouTube channels Clevver Movies I cannot help but feel a little bit unenthusiastic about Prometheus 2.
Director Ridly Scott said that there will not be any more Xenomorphs and the reason behind this is basically him thinking they are old news.
To be completely honest I 100% disagree with this move for the next Prometheus film, the engineers took up around 99.9% of the first Prometheus as they should have done but at the end when the xenomorph was "reborn" it was a beautiful moment.

Seeing how they had redesigned them with recent CGI was something which I had wanted ever since I watched Aliens 1. Obviously they have with the numerous sequels and spin offs but after watching films like Pacific Rim I can't help but want that level of detail in other films.

His reasoning behind getting rid of the xenomorphs honestly doesn't feel good enough. I get that he wants to move the franchise in another direction but in my opinion he could have easily done this by changing the aliens abilities (not in the superman sense) like we saw in Aliens vs Predator.

Prometheus is its own film and I get the fact they don't want to dwell on the past but I just want another Alien movie to be made, I can't help but feel that the engineers are a rip off of the incredible hulk.
He didn't directly say that we will never see the xenomorphs ever again but to be honestly, indirectly, he did.

Watch the clip and comment below what you think, what is your perception of the engineers? Will you miss the Xenomorphs as much as me?

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  1. I'm happy, new start. They were getting old anyway