The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay teaser

Just saw this teaser for something being released in 5 days which I assume is a new trailer. Hopefully it will shed some light on the new film for those of you who have not read the books.

This trailer doesn't reveal / include much about the third instalment but that is what makes it great, clearly (possible spoiler) they kidnap kandis's family which I cannot see ending up so well as it is a Hunger Games film.
Maybe we will see her family in an actual game (hunger games game) - that would be interesting. Distressing like all of the others but interesting.

Hopefully they do not hold back in this film, Kandis is an archer and hopefully we will get to see more of her in action. Not that the other films have been action less but being a Green Arrow / Hawk eye fan the more archery included the better.  

Check out the clip bellow and tell me what you think, are you excited for the new film? do you think it has been over done? How do you feel about the previous two hunger games films?
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