The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part 1 posters

As I have previously stated - I love movie posters, especially when they are done right.
Browsing the internet today I have noticed a few posters from the next hunger games instalment; they mostly all look similar to the one below but with different characters.

If you look back at the previous films posters you can really appreciate the characters evolution - Kandiss is getting more and more into the part of the mocking jay.
The previous film's posters have been good, no worries there but I can't help but feel let down by this one. As a film reviewer this may sound a bit strange but I don't like to "cus" other peoples work... it's all I want to do with this poster.

The poster clearly shows Kandiss becoming the mocking jay to lead the rebel army against the government but it just looks like something a kid would make for a school project. For example layering a few images on Photoshop and overdoing the flames.

Obviously it was not that simple and  can appreciate someone spending their time developing this in to the final product but to me it just looks a bit cheap. 
If you look closely it almost looks like an Angel from X-men rip off (X-men: last stand not X-men: First class character).

Well this is only my opinion, what do you guys think? Am I being too over critical? Do you even care what the movie posters looks like?

Post you thoughts in the comments below - as always, don't forget to share with your friends and happy reading :)

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