Alien (1979) Review (No spoilers)

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Summary Of Plot:
A ship and its crew are deviated from their commercial path in order to investigate an unknown SOS signal.

Watching a film that's around 36 years is pretty foreign to me but is really interesting to see how the film industry has developed over years. At this time there was little or no use of CGI so watching Alien you get a sense of realism although it's a film set in space.  
In one instance its better because watching this and just thinking how much modern CGI could have ruined this film is kind of depressing.

One thing which was great about Alien is that there's not actually a lot of action but it really felt like there was thanks to the suspense. Even when you actually see the alien (which was rare) you never saw enough for it to appear cheesy / fake. You saw enough to make you jump and that's it.
I feel like comparing it to the first Paranormal activity because of the suspense but that could be perceived as slightly offensive to Alien.

I have this exact poster hanging in my room

The main thing that this film had going for it was the casting choice of Sigoirney weaver. No matter how scared / wimpy she actually had to be in the film; she is by far my favourite actress!

As much as I don't want to discredit this film because it was bloody brilliant, it did have a tendency to drag but unlike some films this was forgivable because it was actually building plot - and what a plot it was.

The alien, the iconic alien. For a man in an alien costume it was well presented and at some points could have been mistaken for CGI. For the time it was very scary and has remained almost untouched in the game "Alien - Isolation" a whole 36 years later. For something to retain its fear factor for that length of time is an achievement, the costume / design team deserve a serious pat on the back.
I still find it weird how the alien has whiter teeth then me...

This film is a classic, nothing less. It is close to being one of my favourite films of all time. There was really nothing boring about the film, even if you got slightly bored; the boredom was short lived because of the multiple twists.
It only feels right to give this film a 9.5 / 10 and end with
"In space no one can hear you scream".

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