Aliens - (Alien 2) Review (No Plot Spoilers)

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Summary Of Plot:
After losing contact with a colonised planet where the Alien originated, Ripley joins the team sent to investigate.

Being a sequel to such a good film there was a fear that it would not live up to its predecessor - plus there is the rule of thumb that sequels usually... well they suck. Obviously this is not always true for example 2 fast 2 furious and Captain America: The winter Soldier

What made this sequel thrive was that it worked off of the story from the first film but twisted it in such a way that the two were almost unrecognisable. The introduction of a new setting and likable characters meant we got the feeling that this was in fact a new film - not just a recycled script like the Hangover Part 2.

Aliens had the fear factor of the first film but added its own sense of urgency when the actual aliens were thrown into the mix. It helped that "Aliens" was made around 8 years after the first film meaning that there were developments in mechanics and CGI which were pleasing to the eye and not too overdone which can happen in films today. Because this film relied on mechanics for some of the aliens as well as people in suits you still get the sense of realism present the first alien film.

When the producers wrote "Aliens" they done something very clever and rare which was listening to the fans. The fans wanted to see how the humans stood against the aliens if we had some form of defence mechanism and you get to see exactly that and more.
Have no fear though because some "traditional" methods are required through out the film meaning that this is not just a horrible, gory, bullet riddled, green acid blood bath.

For a sequel to recive such high ratings you know they must have done something right, you watch this film and you really do get a developed version of the first film.
If you like big guns, masses of aliens and smoking (because of the time period smoking was heavily advertised throughout the film) then you will LOVE Aliens as much as I did.

Overall I Give Aliens an 8.9 / 10.

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