Avegners: Age Of Ultron Comicon Footage?

The only thing that I can think to say right now is "guys, guys - look at this!".

As you may or may not be aware, there was a kind of pre-release preview for the new avengers film trailer at comi con which they kept under wraps from the outside world. Thanks to bloggers we were able to find out what happens in that footage but now we actually get to see it!

Marvel has released the trailer however it contains a slightly comical party at the Avengers tower before the actual trailer.
When fans left comi con after seeing this trailer they were hyped, I am talking super hyped - after watching both the trailer and the avengers tower scene I can see why. There was the perfect amount of comedy and CGI (with Tony's suit hand) so it was great.

We get too see a slightly damaged Ultron however as we see at the end of the trailer, he gets better.

The only thing that I can describe the damaged Ultron to was in the first Terminator film when the CGI took place with the terminator at the end, it was limping a long. To be fair this was the under developed CGI but it just clicked in my head to monition it as a comparison.

That was a quick update from me, check the video out.
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