Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer With Comments

We have waited long and hard for this and it is finally here, finally time to get a preview of the most anticipated film - AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!
For those of us who were unable to attend this years comicon and get a sneak preview, we were stuck with an audio recording which was enough to get me excited. Pretty much anything spoiler / teaser is enough to make me happy.

As usual I am expecting big things form marvel, after the "flop" of Iron Man 3 now is their chance to redeem themselves. The first avengers film was great so this one has to be bigger and better which by the looks of things it will be. We are treated with an array of new locations which really helps to show that shield is protecting the world, not just New York. They may have done this to show the team being separated but is being brought back together for the "one battle" cliché.  I am guessing that they will be broken and scared but once they realise how much the Earth needs them they will rise.

Another reason I am expecting big things is that the TV show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" has really stepped up to the plate and really carried the franchise in a different direction. That's a lot for a TV show to do but after season two they have really proven their worth. Obviously they can't know Colsen is alive so that is actually a plot hole. From the comics and the trailer we can tell that Tony Stark has taken over the role as director of shield but in the TV show Colsen is the director of shield, there are two shields - neither of them knows each other exists?

My one complaint from this trailer is the amount of death it teases. It is trying to reflect at what an unstoppable force Ultron is and because Tony Stark created it he would feel guilty; but it just seemed a bit cheesy horror film trailer like. So many screams for no reason.

Not to focus too much on the negatives, the action really looks like it has stepped up - especially with the fight between the hulk and Ironman in his new hulk buster armour. It looks like they have gone past the "hulk smash" and actually shown the hulk for how brutal he really is.

There is also the addition of Scarlet witch and Quicksilver which is exciting, not that we saw much of them in this trailer though - Keeping it a surprise I guess.

I am excited about this film. I hope that Ultron looks slightly better in the film then he does in the trailer because he looks scary but also looks a bit on the rough side, like he is unfinished body wise.
One other point I hope this film doesn't have is all of the cat fights between the Avengers, obviously there will but I just hope they focus more on killing Ultron rather then each other.

Sorry to ramble on in an almost unreadable mess of sentences but I am excited. I have just watched the trailer and that's probably why your here too (that and my dashing good looks).

Watch the trailer and comment below what you think. Are you excited? What do you most want to or not want to see happen in this film?

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  1. Amazing! Can't wait for the release. Don't worry, if I blogged it would probably be an unreadable mess too