Are films too fake? (rant)

Being a science student and a film geek there are a lot of film myths that get squashed. When you watch a film you want your mind to be blown away by the stunts and directors have become great at  this however is a line between good action and just fake. Short answer is YES!
An example of this is Fast 6. Now I understand that there are some obvious points such as the flip car which as cool as it is, requires an additional -invisible- hydraulic rod to actually flip the cars. I am choosing to focus on the scene which made everyone (apart form me because I knew it was coming) jump out of our seats with shock; when Letty shot Dom.
There were several parts which annoyed me about this scene and actually made me dislike the film.

One - It is stated that the bullet Letty shot Dom with was a full metal Jacket (FMJ). These are extremely good at penetration and cause large amounts of internal damage due to them becoming unstable on impact. In the next scene however, we see dom perform surgery on himself and pull the bullet out, then what happened? He put a bandage over it and it wasn't mentioned again!

Two - There was a massive time lapse between Dom getting shot and him removing the bullet. Dom had to drive all the way back to the base and remove the bullet. For a bullet that causes large amounts of internal damage, this would not have been a pleasant experience.

Three - Now I know this is a massive part of Hollywood films but people do not fly when they get shot, when if it was at close range. This meant when Dom flew backwards against his car bonnet, he was being a p*ssy. Honestly it would have made me happy to see the bullet rip straight through him and them replace him with Neela from fast and furious: Tokyo drift - just saying.
It made me so angry that I quoted friends "you're so far over the line that you can't even see it, the line is a dot to you!"

Before I get accused of being over critical there are some exemptions from the laws of science. If you have a sci-fi film then simply saying "It's a Sci-Fi film" is a suitable excuse. Horrors can also come under this category but when supernatural forces are at play, more then science is needed.

This may seem like a pointless rant but it has been really bugging me ever since I saw it. Honestly, things wont change and that isn't a massive issue - but if they found a way to interpret real life physics with action then I would be impressed!

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