Furious 7 Trailer with breakdown

The new fast and furious trailer is finally here so we should all be HAPPY and EXCITED right?
well... no.
I know I am going to receive a lot of stick for saying this but it looks bad, just bad.

After watching this trailer I can't help but feel disappointed. It looks like they have moved away from the cars and focused more on the plot which in my opinion is just wrong. The previous films have lead towards this being a possibility but they managed to get the balance between unbelievable action, cars and plot just right. I have my doubts about this one tough - it doesn't give me the tingly feeling of excitements that the others do.

There is a fine line between pushing the limits of physics and cheesy action. Dare I say that this film has gone over the line? To quote friends "you're so far over the line, you cant even see the line! The line is a dot to you!" 

Now I am happy to be proven wrong when I see this film, there is nothing I want more then to see it and give it a great review but it looks like a GI JOE film in disguise.
I mean cars falling from planes? Ripping the back off of a moving object? What is this the dark knight rises?
The coach scene looks like a mix between the prison bus in fast and furious 4 / 5 with the original Italian Job ending.

On the bright side I am looking forward to seeing more of Letty (Michele Rodreguez) develop as a character. We have seen parts of her in previous films but never a lot of major screen time behind the wheel.

Also, I am looking forward to them bringing back characters such as Sean and Neela from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. I don't think they will have a major part nor drive much but it will still be good to see them.

This trailer lacked Iggy Azalia who will have a cameo probably similar to Rita Oras but it did have where she could appear which was at drag racing. After talking down this trailer for a while I can positively say that it has drag racing which the films have lacked since about number 2, maybe three can count. They had it in five but it wasn't proper because of the fixing ect...

With a film that belongs to a franchise I have grown up around, and being a racing fan I was excited for this film, super excited even. After watching this trailer I feel let down. I feel like a parent when their kid has done something so bad that all you can do is give "the look".

I am going to stop rambling on and let you watch the trailer.
Check it out, comment bellow and tell me what you think. Are you excited after seeing the trailer? Do you think the franchise has moved away from its origins too much?

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