Exodus: Gods and Kings Review (No Spoilers)

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Summary of plot:
A revision of the Exodus, Moses must rise and free the Hebrew slaves from the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses.
Exodus: Gods and Kings was backed with an all star cast; from Christian bale (batman!) to Sigourney weaver who is my favourite actress. Also an unrecognisable Aaron Paul (Jesse), Ben Kingsley (that drunk guy from Iron Man 3) and John Turturro (dude from Transformers).
Whilst sitting in the screen I couldn't help class this film with American Hustle because it had the same issue - the film was poor but the acting was great.


The main issue was the under developed characters due to constant time lapses. For a film that is two and a half hours long you would think that there is enough time to develop the characters but no. Just no. Trying to keep this review spoiler free, it just felt like they were adding characters + relationships left right and centre.
One of my utter hates with films is when the trailer is misleading, I walked into the screening  expecting to see a blood bath -well as much as can be shown for a 12A-. What actually happened was a one minute scene of filtered action at the beginning, some training and that was it! The teenager part of me wants to say "dude, what the F?!" but the educated part of me will just stick with "it was disappointing". Not what the trailer portrayed at all.
As a film geek, I tend to not read books before films so this usually doesn't bother me but being Greek and educated (thank you religious studies) I know the story of Exodus. As much as an attempt as it was, Exodus: Gods and Kings was an extremely poor portrayal at the story, things happened / key things were missed that were not true to the original story.
I guess this is what it feels like when people say "its not how happened in the book".
When a film is flawless production wise I am not afraid to say it however when it isn't I will gladly point it out. One thing which which "narked me" (Excuse my cockney English)  was that certain scenes were re-used. I don't think you an appreciate my frustrations, they RE-USED scenes! How can they be so cheeky to do something like this. Not spoiling it, there was a certain chariot travelling across a certain narrow path with a certain twat making a hand gesture. Look out for it, it will feel like a bad case of De JA Vu.
Also there were sound effects missing for example the drawing of bows but now I'm just being picky.


You may be able to tell from this review that I was very disappointed by this film. It is the only film that I have actually considered walking out of the cinema, if I was not with friends I may have walked out. I don't know what annoyed me the most about this film; the poorly portrayed story, CONSTANT time lapses, lack of Sigourney Weaver screen time or the fact that Christan Bale kept slipping into his batman voice. When you enjoy a film this little it tends to drag which it did, drastically. For a film directed by Ridley Scott I expected much much more. Real let down.

Overall I Give Exodus: Gods and Kings a 3 / 10.  Just don't waste your time or money going to see it. Probably the only time I have made such a harsh statement.

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