Transformers Irony

Being the Christmas holidays I can finally get some time to relax and most importantly blog!
As I am a massive Transformers geek I thought why not fill some free time by re-watching the Transformers films.

Through out the three films (I know there is a fourth but I am not counting it! - disappointment!) there is always one decepticons which is a police car.

Transformers 1 -  A very angry Barricade towards the start of the film in the Ford mustang Seleen police car.

Transformers 2 - Ok, maybe not in number two

Thought this picture made up for the lack of deception police cars.

Transformers 3 - Custom SUV police cars on the motorway scene.

Just found it ironic how the baddies (yes I did just say baddies) were in the good guy vehicles.

So yeh, just a quick note from me before I get into full on blogging again.

Happy Reading :)

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