Fantastic Four Trailer With Comments

Where have I been? Busy! But I'm here now and that's all that matters :)  

Although it's fairly old news (sorry about that) I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on the new fantastic four trailer!
The previous two films (not cartoon films) were questionable at best. Number one was a good introduction to the franchise but it took a great stumble when the sequel was released - Recycling villains that weren't that likable to begin with, not good!

Now however is a new day - a chance for redemption. The fantastic four are known for being fantastic yet struggling to come to terms with their powers and from the trailer this is exactly what we are going to get. A darker story much like "the man of steel", although a very serious film it portrayed superman's struggles brilliantly (in a much shorter time frame then Smallville!).

Now time for the trailer, anyone else get a sense of Da Ja Vu? Not necessarily the content (although the story is the same as the first film) but the atmosphere of the trailer. A very intelligent (possible bald) man narrating whilst the plot is explained through many suffering scenes. X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST! The fantastic four and X-men: Days of future past share a common ally and that's the director, obviously he has a "vision" and it's common in the trailer, even the panning in shot of the city!

Reboots are risky, especially when they share the same origin story. Take The amazing spiderman for example, many people despised the reboot but if the old films didn't exist then the feeling would be the opposite - you don't want to show people the same story with better effects (although important, plot trumps effects).

Am I Excited? Yes.
Is there the possibility the film will be a disappointment? Most likely.
Will the darker atmosphere make the film? I hope so.

All I can do is keep guess until the film is released later this year, with the new director and the talented cast - I hope it's enough to save this troubled franchise. The film should live up to the comics! If it doesn't then... s**t will hit the fan :)

So guys (and girls) watch the trailer and tell us what you think, you hyped? frustrated or just don't give a dam? 

Happy Reading :)

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