My top 10 films in 2015

It's a new year - 2015 to be exact! (unless you are using a different calendar...) There's much to be desired about 2015, for some its a new them (joining the gym) but for me it's film releases! Yes, a new year means we are that little bit closer to those highly anticipated films.

To celebrate the new year I want to give you a list of my top 10 films coming out!
By the way, when I first wrote this list I had about 20 films but wanted to cut them down, if your most anticipated films are not on here - don't kill me!
Number 10 - Jupiter Ascending
This is a film that caught my eye from the first trailer release. It had the visuals of Guardians of the galaxy but a story similar to the princess diaries...ish.
The addition of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum means there should be no flaws in the acting. It will be interesting to see how Mila Kunis handles an actions role, seeing her adapt to roles in the past I have no worries that she will excite it perfectly.  
Number 9 - Furious 7 
Being a fan of street racing the fast and furious franchise has a special place in my film filled heart. It has the racing action, cars and girls - three key components to a car film. The franchise has moved past the street racing aspect and more towards car carnage. To be honest this is disappointing hence the film not being higher on my top 10, takes away from the excitement. I would much rather see them tune a car and use it through out then just get into a BMW M5 and crash it five minutes later; at the end of the day its fast and the furious not need for speed.
Number 8 - Paranormal Activity : The ghost dimension 
To be honest this is a bit of a random entry considering the plot hasn't been released but I absolutely love a good paranormal activity film. The franchise peaked at the first film, the others just haven't really lived up to it but they're still a great watch. Cleverly, the past films have included cameos or hints of the franchise. It is a great tradition which I hope they keep up with in the next film.  
Number 7 - Pitch Perfect 2
I am not ashamed to admit that I had a good laugh at the first Pitch Perfect film. It had unforgettable characters (fat Amy), quotable moments and awesome song covers. When a film is that good, there is always the fear of the second film not living up to its expectations - hopefully it will. 
The addition of Katey Sagal (8 Simple Rules!) is a good sign that they are trying to top its predecessor.
Number 6 - The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2 + Insurgent
I know - it's cheating having two number 6s but these films are practically the same so it was either  have them both or lose one. Also, you try choosing out of Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley (difficult decision).
So both of these films being box office smashes, the follow up films are much to be anticipated. The hunger games had all the murder and Divergent had the plot -it needed more blood-. There isn't much to say about these two, they should be good. Hopefully the final hunger games film will be the blood bath that number 3 wasn't.
Number 5 - Ant-man
Super hero films are exciting, when they are bounced around from director to director with a questionable main character, its concerning. The good news is that this films if finally on course and hopefully the main will be adaptable (it's the black widow - Scarlet Johansson situation, it worked out well so I remain hopeful). Antman was a good read as a comic and a good watch as a cartoon so hopefully the film will live up to the hype.
Number 4 - Ted 2
Honestly, Ted 2 almost didn't make it to the list purely due to its lack of Mila Kunis. Willing to be mature about it, I saw that Amanda Syfried is casted who is a great and underrated actress. I mean she's not Mila Kunis but she's probably the best replacement... apart form Jennifer Lawrence and Sigourney Weaver.
In all fairness to the film, Number one was a massive hit, I have probably seen it 10 times and my thunder buddy is never too far away. Hoping this keeps the originality of the first film it should be equally of a hit.
To be fair I am kind of disappointed that my batman bear isn't alive.     
Number 3 - Terminator Genisys
TERMIANTOR TERMINATOR TERMINATOR!... lets just say I am a terminator fan, my current watching of the terminator TV series may fuel this excitement :)
Number one was awesome, number two was one of the best sequels ever made, Number three, what, there was a number three? I must be psychologically blocking it because it was so bad. Number four wasn't all that, seemed too robotic (pun intended).  
The terminator is an unforgettable franchise and one that I don't really want to end. I am gutted at the lack of Summer Glau casting because she is the greatest terminatorr (sorry Arnold).
I'm really excited at the twist in story line, if you don't understand the adaptable timeline then you will be a tad confused walking into this film.
Jai Courtney (John McClanes questionable son) and Emilia Clarke (Game of thrones)  are the two mains supported by Arnold so ther is really no reason for this film to be bad, also there is that melting guy from the sequel so I am excited!
It's Ironic this film being third on my list because number three was soooo bad... not that I am acknowledging its existence or anything!
By the way, in the movie poster Sarah should really destroy that terminator head she's holding, if someone gets their hands on it then it could jeopardise the future (causing Skynet again) - just saying.

Number 2 - Avengers: Age Of Untron
Avengers flim + Ultron (basically a sentinel) + an extremely impressive cast = one heck of an awesome film. Breaking box office history, Avengers 2 has huge shoes to fill (especially if they're hulks)! Keeping this short, the comic was great and the trailer is mind blowing - I am SUPER excited! Can't wait for the second trailer to be released!.


Finally, at number 1 is Kingsman: The Secret Service
If you are not hyped for this film then you are dead to me! It's heavily featured in England (cockney!) and it's practically James bond. It has the gadgets, humour, pugs,  Michael Caine and that girl with the scissor legs. Words cannot explain my excitement for its end of January release date! It just look too good!

So those are my top 10 films for 2015. Which films do you think I have missed? let us know in the comments bellow (keeping in mind had to trim the list)!

Oh and fantastic four! - forgot to include that!

Happy Reading :)

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