Spy Film Year

There is something about 2015 that has gotten everyone spying. It may just be me but it seems that there is a large amount of spy themed films this year.  

First there is Spectre
An instalment to the successful James Bond franchise. From skyfall it is clear that the director is listening to what the fans want so this should be another box office smasher! - lets just hope this one has more gadgets!

Second there is Kingsman: The Secret Service  
This is a film that I am extremely "hyped" for and have rated number 1 for my top 10 films released in 2015. From the trailer it has the ridiculous action (like seen in kick-ass) that the recent James Bond films have been missing. It's an exciting film, something tells me that the physics / ballistics may bug me a bit :-l.

Third there is Spy
A spy comedy appropriately named spy. After watching the trailer today I shared it with all of my friends, I haven't done that since the Kick-ass 2 trailer and that was only because I was in it! Havng the same director as the heat you can expect a similar feel / comedy which is the exact vibe you get from the trailer. Spy comedies can be great and with a cast like it has, there is no reason for it to stumble at the box office.

Fourth there is Mission Impossible 5
The plot is yet to be released but its a spy film released in 2015 so it makes the list! Looking back to how the previous mission impossible instalments have escalated, this one will be mind-blowing - considering they follow the trend of course.

Finally Avengers: Age Of Ultron
This is a bit of a sly entry but I guess it counts - there are spies in it! The avengers face their toughest foe yet - Ultron. Ultron is basically Iron-man without a conscience or as he outs it "there are no strings on me. ohhh, get the chills just thinking about it.

The reason I bring this up is I am curious to see what you are most excited for, let us know in the comments below!

Happy Reading :)

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