Unfriended Trailer

As many of you know, apart from reviewing films I also post interesting film news and trailers. This time is the trailer for a horror film called Unfriended.
I tend not to watch horror films as it's not my ideal genre -I am more of the gory action type of guy- but for this I will make an exception. 

I would describe it as a "modern horror" thanks to its heavy emphasis on technology - I have a habit of linking films with a heavy emphasis on technology, take terminator for example. I know it's a big comparison and the film will probably not gross anywhere near the amount terminator did, I'm just saying.
Being unbiased I can see the film could potentially go horribly wrong. Webcam based horrors tend to be a bit cheesy and the technology used are apple products - I despise apple products (no offence IOS users).  
Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments bellow!
Are you a horror fan? Do you like apple products? How do you think the film will turn out? 

Ps - This film looks like justice to trolls!

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