Is it better to not hype up a film?

Trying to make a comeback to blogging after a break can be hard, the motivation you had before is lost. It's not that you don't want to blog but the "writers block" can be difficult to over come. Trying my best to think of new content and original content, I present you with the question "is it better to not hype up a film?"

Hype is a word I like to use when reviewing films; it refers to the build up (expectation) of the film before its actual release. When there's a big film that companies have pumped millions into - chances are that it will be plastered everywhere for the world to see. The idea is that more people will know about it therefore pay to watch it.
In theory this is good but in reality it can be damaging to a companies reputation, take Captain America: The first Avenger. Captain America has been a long time icon for Marvel comics so when the film was announced comic geeks everywhere (including myself) flooded screens around the globe in the hope of seeing the great soldier. What we got was a very powered down captain America chasing some guy with a red head. Obviously this was the red skull but he just looked like a bad Halloween costume.

Another example is the Expendables. It promised to be the action film of all time but what we got was no plot and a load of famous male actors who were supposed to be trained gunmen but couldn't hit a target to save their lives. As said in rules of engagement "they weren't expendable, they were very relevant to the plot".

When embracement's like this happen you can't help but wonder if all of the hype ruined it. Obviously you have to advertise your film but when you do it to an extent of us expecting something great - the advertising team have failed and should be sued for false advertisement.

Now this post is not all doom and gloom because I want to show the other end of the spectrum with a film called "the call" staring Halle Berry. Honestly I had no idea this film existed until I saw it on my friends Netflix and watching it was one of the best decisions of my life. I was treated to non stop suspense and very likeable characters played by talented actors.
My mentioning of this is because there was no expectation for this film to be great, it was just naturally a good film. I did not go into watching this film expecting its greatness so if it wasn't, I wouldn't be let down. You get my drift?

If a films bad then it's bad regardless of the hype, but films with hype can be good eg The Guardians Of The Galaxy. It all depends on the type of person you are and how easily you are affected by social media.
I want to hear what you guys (and girls) think. Are you a yes or no? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Reading :)

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