Sail To Save

"The sea is a cruel mistress"
This is one of many quotes describing the severity of sea. Many of us take full advantage of the sea, whether it's going to a stroll after a hard days work or taking a dip on a hot summers day.

Regardless of the weather the sea is always, especially for fishermen who earn their living at sea.
But what happens when something goes wrong? Man over board? Sinking vessel? Injured crew member?
Organisations separate from the government such as the royal national lifeboat institution (RNLI) are there to save the day, super heroes of the ocean. Unlike 'aqua man' these volunteers are normal humans risking their lives to save others - On average 23 times a day.  

As I mentioned above, these heroes are volunteers as the organization RNLI is separate from the government and relies on donations to keep it up and running.
This is where sail to save  comes in. A group of very brave students at the UKC sailing and wind surfing society (one of which is a personal friend) has agreed to take part in a mammoth sponsored sail from Kent to Poole to raise money for this organization.

"Mammoth" seem a bit melodramatic? no - these students will be faced with blistering winds and almost freezing temperatures during their travels. It is the British coastline at the end of the day. 

I am writing this post to open your eyes to the heroism of these volunteers and hopefully, get you to open your wallets. 
The students have pledged to raise £2,500 to help keep RNLI up and running; a fair amount for the massive journey they face. 

They are accepting donations through Just Give  - Anything from £1 to £250, every donation makes a difference. 
For more information you can check out their Facebook page, Wordpress or just watch the RNLI in action.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, please donate as much as you can.

As I always say, 
Happy Reading :)

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