Antichrist Review (Moderate Spoilers)

Having no time to blog sucks - three months since I last wrote a film review! Three months! Just, it's just... wow. 
Here's my review of "Antichrist"

Summery of plot:
In an attempt to help his grieving wife, "he" takes "her" to the woods and attempts to help her face her fears. 

This film was controversial to say the least. It was presented as a drama with elements of horror but what we got was a pornographic filled torture feast. From the outset we are treated to constant nudity and disturbing intercourse, if I wanted to see that I would have watched 50 shades of grey (or what 50 shades was meant to be anyway...). There was one point where my friends and I turned to each other in sheer shock that the level of detail on the screen. Even with an 18 age rating it felt disturbing to watch, it felt like parental controls should have popped up and protected us from such content. 
Now this has been a pretty large paragraph dedicated to the sexual nature of the film but believe me when I say, without this there is not much left to discuss. 

The plot and characters felt under developed, like they were focusing more on the sexual side of the film (yes, the sex again) against anything else. 
Like a standard horror film there was a twist, whether it deserved to be called a twist is another story. I prefer to call it common sense, anyone with half a brain cell figured out the ending half way into the film. 

Now for the torture... As you can tell from my use of eclipse's, this was equally as disturbing as the sex. like the sex, the level of detail felt completely unnecessary - almost that they wanted this to be the "hype" behind the film. Instead of hype, it ended up being was the nail in the coffin for it -hence explaining why it made no where near its production cost

Last rant point, there were a lot of random shots of nature through out the film. Like the sex, it was random and distracting from the plot.
Overall I was very disappointed by the film, much more was expected from it, especially as it casted the green goblin (spider man fan - woop woop). 

Overall I give Antichrist a disappointing yet equally disturbing 3 / 10. 

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