Furious 7 (fast and furious 7) Review (No Spoilers)

Summary Of Plot
Dom and his "family" must fight for survival as Deckard Shaw declares war upon them. 

Honestly, I was putting off writing this review in fear of being tracked down and hung but I am just going to say it - I didn't like it. 
After fast 6 I could appreciate that the franchise was moving away from the streets and into more... unconventional thrills. I am a self confessed "that wouldn't happen by real life" guy but I could understand number 6. 
Furious 7 however... not so much. The film felt muddled, like it was too focused on trying to "wow" the audience with G.I Joe style stunts. It is not G.I Joe! I want to compare it to when people dress up their dogs. You try to cover it up but it's still a dog. 
This film tried to go big (ride or die right...) with stunts and lots of CGI but at the end of the day it was a poorly directed car film. 

The film had a promising start with race wars even an appearance from Iggy Azalea. However the main plot kicked in with Jason Statham and it took a turn for the worst. Please do not mistake this for me insulting Jason, he was great - acted his heart out. My beef is with the director. He took a great franchise and truly cocked it up.

Ok, I feel like Natalia kills and willy moon on the New Zealand x-factor. 
so, It was good to see Letty and the crew, they even brought back Hector. Sure it was nice to see the mighty GTR and "curse car" but there is no distracting from this films disappointing performance.

Before I end I have to comment on the emotional ending. I never thought I would say this when reviewing furious 7 but, nicely done. 

It scored big at the box office but on waffle reviews, only a 4 / 10. There was just too much wrong with it to justify anything higher, please James Wan, stick to horror films.   

Happy Reading :)

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