Fantastic Four (2015) Review (No Spoilers)

The fantastic four, an iconic super hero team, in fact my favorite childhood super hero team.
When the first two films came out I was only a child (the mid 2000's) so much like everything else, they impressed me. Looking back however they didn't do the comics justice, seeming mediocre at best.

Skip about 10 years and you can imagine my excitement when I hear a reboot is coming. 

Could they finally give us a fantastic four film worthy of the comics? One that could show us the struggles of the characters adjusting to their abilities? An event that could make the phrase "flame on" cool?
Short answer... no :'(

So what went wrong? 

To say nothing much went wrong sounds silly but that's how it is. In fact there was nothing particularly outstanding about it either. The cause of this? The run time. In a world where decent super hero films average three hours. A one and a half hour (including the origin story) run time felt insufficient. Like they're going to release a "fantastic" edition with an extra hour of content.  

My beef is not with the origin story as it was well told and felt neither rushed nor dragged. It is with the rest of the film which was crammed into twenty minutes.
Twenty minutes... A bad soap opera is longer then twenty minutes! To fit anger, happiness, realization of abilities and heroic moments moments into a twenty minute slot is a big ask and unfortunately the film did not deliver. It made the little boy inside me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I can't begin to explain how utterly frustrated I am. The film had such potential and it wasn't even that bad. However to say it was anything better then "not even that bad" would be a crime. 

Is it worthy of the fantastic four title?  I guess so.
Was it the reboot that we were all waiting for? Not a chance.

I give the Fantastic Four a 5.7 / 10. 

At least the poster art is cool :)

I can't fault the cast nor the visual effects, just the film itself. 
Any bets on the sequals rating?


  1. You have improved so much as a writer, Mario. Sad to hear about the movie, it was on my watch list but seems I'll let it go now..

    1. Hey Thanks. This post sounded better in my head but I just couldn't form the words. I wouldn't write the film off as a total loss as you could respect what they were trying to do :)