The Age Of Adaline Review (no spoilers)

The Age of Ultron Adaline was not your typical forbidden love story. There was a genuine reason which seemed foolish to the audience why the characters cannot be together. Ok... So maybe it is your typical forbidden love story but that does not take away from how much I enjoyed this film!

Blake Lively played the mutant Adaline Boweman flawlessly with a slight accent to reflect the characters age. Slightly annoying as it ruined her seductive Serena van der woodsen persona but it added to the character beautifully. 

The producers / writers truly done an outstanding job at showing the struggle of Adaline adapting to her life with her new 'ability'. If only The Fantastic Four writers could have done the same. 

I have nothing bad to say about the film which kind of leaves me at a loss when writing this review. I don't want to too much in fear of ruining the story but I don't want to say too little in fear of this being a micro post. 

What I can say is this film is a great watch which I have shown my friends and they too share my love for it. One friend said 'You could watch this over and over again'. 
I'm not that into romance films but I was engrossed through out, when someone made a noise I quickly hushed them to avoid leaving the world that is the age of a=Adaline.

When a film is this good there isn't much to say apart from me giving it a 9 / 10.

loved loved loved it,

XOXO Gossip girl - I mean Happy Reading :)

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