Sicario Review (No Spoilers)

Emily Blunt plays a frustrated FBI agent who enlists on a special task force to stop the drug trade between mexico and the U.S. 

After Googling the title and realizing it translated into "hitman", I was very excited. The trailer portrayed a war between the police and a drug lord and we actually got a film about a war between the police and a drug lord. Who knew trailers could accurately portray the film plot? (That oh so subtle dig was at you fantastic four).

As you could imagine with an action film involving a drug war, Sicario is not for the faint hearted as dark humor and gruesome action was heavily featured throughout. 
Apart from the dark humor and gruesome action, what attracted me to the film? 
I'm a simple guy, you put Emily blunt and guns in the same film then I will pay for an on peak cinema ticket.
Downside of buying an on peak ticket? The full cinema screen didn't appreciate me pointing out that one of the characters plays the character firestorm in The Flash...

As usual I couldn't fault Emily Blunts acting, I couldn't actually fault any of the cast - they were really well chosen.

This is a film I would watch with my dad and have the surround sound blaring. 
Sicario isn't for everyone but for those who it is for, you've got a great film to watch. 

A film the keeps my eyes glued to the screen deserved an 8.5 / 10. 

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