Captain America: Civil War Trailer Thoughts

This is going to be bit of a casual / un-structured post as it's my thoughts on the trailer :)
Spoilers For The Trailer

Before you read ahead it may be a good idea to watch the trailer. 

I woke up this morning and like a stereotypical teenager I checked Snapchat... Facebook... then eventually YouTube, that's where I discovered the trailer! I'm not going to lie, I saw the title and said WTF? Was surprised I guess ha.

I'm going to dive right in, the trailer is all revolved around Bucky Barnes - I wasn't a fan of this. Not to take away from the film or the comics because the comics were bloody brilliant, but there's more to it then just Bucky. I get that it's for the fans and more will be revealed in future trailers - just not sure if this was the right way to go about a first impression? Especially because we had the Age of Ultron post scene so this wasn't a big reveal?

Focusing on the action, it looks awesome. After showing Captain America is more then just a poster boy in The Winter Soldier, marvel they had to up the anti and oh man they have (did you see that drop kick?).

BLACK PANTHER! After being teased for so long, we finally get to see the king (or prince...) of Wakonda in action. From the limited shots we do see of him - I'm excited. We're talking about a man that in the comics climbed a building with one hand whilst carrying a villain by his hair in the other hand.

The team has been split as we see Avengers take sides:

- Surprisingly Black Widow split from cap but she is loyal to shield so it's justified - Excited to see her and hawk eye fight!
- Rhodes is back but by the look of things he gets obliterated right away - not that I'm complaining.
Vision, Hill, Ant man, Agent 13, Hulk and spider man weren't present? We know Hulk will be in Thor 3 and I guess spiderman will be a massive reveal for the film (just please not another origin story).
- Now I may be wrong but was the the white Nick Furry from the comics? IMDB nicely left the characters name out next to the actor. 

That's a brief abbreviation of my train of thought at the moment, subscribe, share and comment bellow what you thought!

PS - Scarlet witch could end them all, just saying. 

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