Creed Review (No Spoilers)

Alright guys,
So I had no intention to go and watch Creed, I'm not really a fan of sports related films - I could just about swallow dodgeball. Honestly, the only reason I went is because I hadn't been cinema since star wars and was starting to get with drawl...

I've seen all of the rocky films at some point in my life but didn't absorb them religiously.

What I expected was a boxing film featuring rocky but what it ended up being was a Rocky film featuring the human torch. Obviously the point of the film was to build upon an existing Rocky story line but I couldn't shake the feeling this film had too much rocky? 
Not that I can't appreciate a bit of Salvester Stallon but it was just some unnecessary character development. Creed was meant to be a new direction with new characters, almost breaking off from the previous rocky films; just felt like it was being anchored down. 

So I've had a rant about the plot, now it's time for the directing. It felt a bit sloppy, characters came in and out when they were needed becoming predictable and some scenes dragged. 

What I'm about to say may shock you but it was actually a good film. 
The cinematography was exceptional, action shots used in the exact right places and although a bit over the top, lighting in the main action sequences were perfectly timed.

I'm torn with this film because I can appreciate it, just wasn't blown away by it.
A more Rocky orientated person would have gone mad over it but for me, it was only a 6.9 / 10

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